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If you own a Remington 597 in 22.Lr then you know the worse thing about the rifle is those screwed up 10rd mags that don't feed very well. Eagle International has come out with 30rd mags for the 597. I bought one just to try it out and could not be happier with it. I have put 550rds through the mag with no problems. Eagle tested the mag with 30,000 rds the mag cost $24.95 and is available at:

Here is what Eagle has to say about these mags:

Available Now! The Model 597 22LR 30 Round Magazine features a chrome-silicone spring that tests at an unprecedented 30,000 rounds! All components to this magazine can be fully disassembled to allow independent replacement of the follower, spring and end cap! We have repeatedly tested this magazine with many standard cleaning solvents and have found none that mar the functionality, clarity, or quality ot this magazine! As, you would expect, this magazine will hold open the breach when that last round is fired! As with all of our magazines, this is constructed of the highest quality polymers that our market handles for this type of application, which enables us to extend our industry popular "Can't Lose Lifetime Waranty"! Best of all, it is ready to ship to you today!
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