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Well I think I have stumbled upon a new permanent addition to my cleaning arsenal! I bought some of this while in Michigan (can be purchased off their website at to use on pulling some of the cosmo off of a newly aquired Yugo SKS while visiting my brother. All I can say is WOW! I normal use Simple Green, Ed's Red, CitraClean, etc but this stuff has them beat hands down! Like most of the citrus based cleaners, it smells nice, but this stuff seems to be more tenatious about pulling carbon and grit out than anything else I have used, not to mention it is just as good on wood as it is on metal! I have been using it as a preliminary cleaner on bores to help pull carbon fouling prior to going after the bore with Hoppes and it appears to have cut down clean up time. Granted, this may likely be do to the fact that I am more liberal with this stuff - as it is cheaper than using Hoppes, etc.

So, I just thought I would share with the boards. If you are in Michigan (that is where it is produced) - it is fairly easy to find, but it hasn't branched out of the midwest at all from the info on their website.
Hope everyone is having a great new year!
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