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Hello all,

I was having trouble getting a pair of neglected Mossberg pumps to shine. On the advice of one of our fellow Gunboards members, I purchased a Hoppe's Tornado Brush for the job.

It's hard to describe what they look like. Something like a slinky trapped in the wires when they twisted it together. I was a little hesitant to run a brush made of steel wire through the bore, so I started with the cheapest gun first. I started by running the brush from the breach end and out the muzzle. I then unscrewed it as to not run it in reverse. After a few scrubbings, the brush seemed broken in and I started brushing back and forth through the bore. Solvent and dry patches to clean out between brushings started to produce mounds of fouling.

I'm happy to report that not only is the bore of this shotgun mirror-bright, there was absolutely no damage to the bore or the blued choke tube. If you don't always clean your shotgun like you should, this brush is an essential part of your cleaning kit. Unlike bronze bore brushes, it won't wear out the firt time you use it. I used it for an hour straight, and I can't see ANY wear on it.

Conclusion: If your shotgun bore is dark, this brush is well worth the money.

Happy scrubbing!
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