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just received a Falco shoulder holster for my CZ52.

All I can say is....WOW!

The quality is much better, IMHO, than Galco. Now, I have previously only purchased Galco leather to the tune of ~$800. Not any more. Glaco is now WAY overpriced for quality that is slightly below Falco.

I wish I had known of Falco a long time ago. Great product that reflects European craftsmanship. The leather used is top notch, the finish is truly a work of art and the attention to detail is just as I like it: anal.

I would suggest visiting (Gunboards sponsor) and ordering one! I got mine off eBay for about half price as I was somewhat apprehensive about buying one (remember I was a die-hard Galco guy).

Be assured, you will be VERY happy.

Semper Fi,

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