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I just got it this afternoon. I've only run two CO2 cylinders through it so far, and it has functioned perfectly. There were no jams or malfunctions of any sort.

Accuracy doesn't seem to be terribly good with such a short and unrifled barrel and such a dinky sight radius, but it will shoot minute of soda can at 30 feet. I have to aim at 6:00 to hit anything though. I'm thinkin', I'm gonna open it up later, and see if it might be practical to fit a longer barrel.

Power is kind of low at 290 feet per second, but with a velocity that low, it's just right to thump a cat without killing it.

The blowback is really neat too. The slide of the pistol actually reciprocates and cocks the hammer (it's a single action only) when you fire it. The recoil is significantly less than a .22, but a lot more than a regular CO2 pistol. Magazines hold 15 rounds, and the the slide locks back when the last round is fired.

It's a fun pistol. It's not a target pistol, understand that up front. What it is is just a toy to plink with in the backyard, nothing more. If you have been thinking about one, check out Sports Authority, they have it on sale for around $60 (from around $80).
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