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I received my M44 in the mail before Christmas and was home to get it for new years. It's UGLY, but after everything I've gotten in great shape from the CMP, I'm still happy. The stock was cracked almost in half so after an email to customer service a new one is on the way. I purchased a magazine and replacement trigger guard from Havlin Sales. Looking closer at it now the crown looks like it might have some damage from a cleaning rod. No big deal I'll have it redone if I need to. The barrel and action are pretty beat up. I'm going to Duracoat it so I'm not worried there. Could someone tell me if the S100 sight is suppose to be cocked instead of 90 degrees to the gun, seems just a couple degrees off. You can still see the front sight and I haven't shot it yet but the sight being like that doesn't seem right. I'll find a replacement if this is wrong but need some help. Thanks,
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