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It's prolly radioactive and you should bury it.
I got a T14 from Nagasaki picked out of a pile by one of the 1st GIs there.
It glows in the dark-neat.

In about '63 I got a dustcover from Numrich that somebody scratched "Brought back from Japan" with date and name and a little flower on it.
Still got it, but hard to read now.
I'll bet your inscription is period, but nobody seems to care about that stuff.

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It is not a question of 'caring' about such stuff, I have at least 12 Arisakas with this type of 'history'; Doss asked about the 'value', which is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

Since I'm heir to the rest of his 'history' rifles when he gets tired of them, I don't want him to pay too much!

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You betcha! I do ask every time there seems to be some, any connection to it's "capture". Other than my 20th series Kokura my only other piece with "history" is my Baby Nambu that has it's holster numbered to the pistol, is dated Taisho 3 (1914). The pistol is numbered 1786. It also has a block stamp that reads "Army Infantry Captain Miyake Katsumi". With the amazing help of Teri Bryant, (as well as Shin Nimura, & Edokko), I've learned about this fella's graduation from "Army Officers School" and to learn that he, apparently, survived the war. So much more to know!
A-Dogs pics aint NUTTIN without a Sake Cup in the pic! :)
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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