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I went to a gunshow today in Tucson - It was terrible. There were a few M44s, M38s and M91/30s for $150.00 each! The most pathetic thing on the table (which I have seen several times before) was a beat up M91 with new looking PU scope attached advertised as a "Russian Sniper".

The market has been flooded with "Repro" M91/30 Sniper Rifles. I don't know if people are afraid to buy "Snipers" advertised as authentic because of all the "Repros" on the market. I have not seen an authentic PU sniper on sale for a long time.

I purchased six authentic M91/30 snipers in 2000. I paid less than $600.00 for each of them at the time including tax, shipping and FFL fees. What does an authentic M91/30 PU go for these days?

Check this out and you will find out the price as of today:
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