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PPS 43 C ammo trouble

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I bought a nice used PPS 43C from a board member here, cleaned it up, checked it over. No problems found at that time.
Took it to the range today to check it out, had almost 30 light primer strikes, fail to fire. Those that did go off, the primer looks like it is about to blow out. Any ideas as to what I should do? Only had one type ammo, with me, it was Romanian.
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Removed the firing pin, gave it a good cleaning, made sure it moves free. To me, it seems as thou it is to short, when the rear of the pin is flush with the bolt, it doesn't stick out the bolt face any. I have a few rounds of S&B, I will give them a try. Is the polish ammo any better?
Has anyone here tried using an AR-15 firing pin? I have read somewhere that this can be done, but they don't say what has be be done to the pin to make it work. I've got over 2500 rds of Romanian that needs to be run run this thing....
I'll try to get a couple of pictures today, I can remove the rear firing pin, but the front pin doesn't want to slide thru the bolt body, after removing the shell extractor.
The front pin will drop back into the rear part of the bolt, but it will not come on out, might be it is egg-shaped, or has a burr on it.
This is the updated model, PPS 43C. Took a picture of the bolt with it standing on end, so the firing pin would be pushed thru the bolt to fire the weapon.
Having never seen one of these before, my guess is, the firing pin is to short. Does anybody have spare parts for these for sale?
I have orderd a couple of AR-15 firing pins, they are cheap to buy. Will try to modyfie one of them to use. In the mean time, I have put a small spacer between the firing pins to take up the space, will be trying it out later this week.
Went to the range after work yesterday, took my PPS 43 that I had redone the firing pin on. Still doesn't like the Romanian ammo, but it sure loves the S&B... Dang thing, but I'm not done messing with it yet.
Another update, made a new firing pin for the PPS 43, this time I hardened it using Kasnite compound, then I tempered it. Took ,it to the range after work and tryed it out. It worked great, put over 100 rounds of the Romanian thru it, with no troubles at all. Now to see how long it last's.
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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