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PPS 43 C ammo trouble

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I bought a nice used PPS 43C from a board member here, cleaned it up, checked it over. No problems found at that time.
Took it to the range today to check it out, had almost 30 light primer strikes, fail to fire. Those that did go off, the primer looks like it is about to blow out. Any ideas as to what I should do? Only had one type ammo, with me, it was Romanian.
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Check out my post on the semi auto forum, IO did right by me, worse come to worse you might have to purchase a new firing pin set if it aint in warranty, my replacement gun still has a two piece firing pin. I had a freak accident where the extractor assembly flew off almost brand new, but the replacment gun fired all ammo instead of denting the primers, after I informed IO, by the way, especially that the bogus instruction for the supposed improved firing pin design was wrong and didn't pertain to the firearms, and they are a wonderful company and boards sponsor. Interesting, another posters says another company sells a firing pin, piece?" A great pistol design to begin with, unsure what knuckleknobs were complaining when shooting commercial primers mucking up everything for the other 99% of us, some people never learn about semi automatics/commercial primers.
Well, when IO sent me my replacement, I ran to the box and opened it up, was like being a kid and christmas, been like years since I had that feeling, casue they gave me a few things I didn't have like a sling and a few other things.
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I have orderd a couple of AR-15 firing pins, they are cheap to buy. Will try to modyfie one of them to use. In the mean time, I have put a small spacer between the firing pins to take up the space, will be trying it out later this week.
By the way, the look of those primers is normal for these guns, its the way they're made into semi auto that allows the brass to form into the massive firing pin hole, more with those without enough firing pin protrusion. Also, from what I was seeing, you can't just put in a spacer cause the rear firing pins' retaining groove would have to be cut more forward, cause you see, its like the front firing pin is "too short". I was able to see more inside once my first one's extractor assembly proved to be faulty and flew off(it didn't look right out of the box), and it looked like the front firing pin was restricted from too much forward travel, likely would have been fine if they hadn't had the tip ground down. The whole problem is up front, or maybe just a phone call away, if I were you, I'd call and ask if your pistol is still in warranty, or if they have for sure any "unmodified" polish pins.
I really worry about what happens if my firing pins break, ha, good gosh, what to do then, in a couple or more years or more or if I burn through all my hard primered surplus ammo finally, guess I better not "wear it out", or get me one of those home min lathes for projects just like this whole mess.
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Another update, made a new firing pin for the PPS 43, this time I hardened it using Kasnite compound, then I tempered it. Took ,it to the range after work and tryed it out. It worked great, put over 100 rounds of the Romanian thru it, with no troubles at all. Now to see how long it last's.
Wow, that's great.
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