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Been casting for a while and i hang out over at cast to get new ideas, trouble shoot, etc.. and i run across guys using harbor freight powder coat systems to spray their boolits. Claiming higher speeds, no leading or fouling etc... so my intrest is peaked to say the least. So as i research and being the cheapskate i am! I find some guys are using acetone to melt the powder into a solution, swirling the boolits around in the mixture and then baking to cure the powder..... no special equip. Needed no spray booth required. Yesterday i tried one batch of 40 sw boolits with the laquer thinner, and a batch of 170 gr .310" flat pts. using acetone. Approx a little over 100 boolits ea.

I made some little boolit trays out of some gutter screen material that i had laying around. Its some fine expanded metal alum. Just cut to size and bent up the edges with some linemans pliers. Had old toster oven from the attic. A old little bucket that had pool chemicals in it.

Watched utube videos and reading what i could. My results were ....ok. not great. The 40 boolits came out a little rough used too much powder.

Lessons learned: 3 to 1 is proper mixture. Measure with tblspoon. Not much is needed. Work fast mix well before adding boolits. 100 40s are too much per batch about 50-60 easier to work with. 100 30 cals ok!
Acetone worked better for me. Pour out coated bullets when they get fully coated and look "SHINY". Roll them too long after the shiny phase and the get clumpy apperance. Spread out on expanded metal tray dont let bullets stick together esp. End to end.... do all this in a well vented area. I was outside on my back porch. Baking gives off an odor. Latex gloves dont hold up. Size and gas check after baking and allow to cool. I used lbt blue lube on the .30 cal. None on the 40. Shot about 20 out my stock glock 23 no leading or fouling found. Just a little powder residue. Same boolits with no coating just lube. I usually see minor lead buildup after 20 rds in the glocks polyg. rifling. It was about 90 degrees and dry yesterday. Sure helped evaporate the acetone and the laquer thinner.
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