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The 45th you say? That is interesting. They are the ones who went on and liberated my hometown of Aschaffenburg and later on their pioneers blasted the big swastika on the Reichstagsgelände in Nuremburg.

Too bad he was captured. Or did he rejoin them later?

I am still looking for an odd story that came up. I heard it from 2 sources and it is also mentioned in "The Liberator" by Alex Kershaw, which I am sure you know about. If not, I highly recommend it, since it deals with the history of the 45th in WW2.

As it happens, here in my Hometown they "liberated" ;) a warehouse full of nazi war booty from france, namely rare spirits and wines and such. It was supposed to be a large cache, they seem to have shared out quite a bit, took quite a bit with them, but also there is mentioned that they buried some choice bottles somewhere in the vicinity. I never could find out where that warehouse was located exactely, I only have the town it was in. Also they were at that time establishing a beachhead over the Main River, so they must have temporarily camped somewhere, never found that camp neither.

That would be an interesting find to make though. A rare old cognac might still be good today. Assuming of course, they never came back and dug it up themselves. But all the stories don´t mention that, which I am sure they would have. :)
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