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I am in need of a set of dies in 7.62x45 with a full length sizing die, so that i can manufacture boxer primed brass and reload for my 7.62x45 Vz 52 carbine so that i can actually shoot it without the crappy, expensive and dud/ftf filled corrosive surplus ammo that is getting harder and harder to find. Im also fed up with half of them being click..... bang and click....nothings.

Anyway, to the point. Im in need of the full lengh die and crimp die to make the brass from .220 swift brass, and the going price at midway for RCBS dies (2 die set) is $142.99, and it's not even including a factory crimp die. I am looking to Lee Precision to have a potential run of 7.62x45 die sets made, there is a $140 setup fee, and $40 per set of dies.

If five people want a set, that takes the price to $68 a set, ten would be $54 per set compaired to the ~$150 pricetag from midway. If anyone is intrested, i am very willing to pay $50-70 for a set so i can get this gun usable, but am not so hot on the $142 RCBS price, and probibly wouldent buy them at that price. Would anyone else be intrested in such a deal? plese feel free to post your comments/ideas/intrests -Thanks

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7.62x45 die set

You are about a year too late as fellow member phoenix orchestrated a group buy from Lee and everyone has now received their dies and are producing quality ammo. But since Lee has already manufactured dies in this caliber, they will have their model on hand and you should be able to obtain dies at a somewhat reduced rate. Contact phoenix for more info.

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There is another group buy going on... and it's being organized by a different milsurp forum. (if you have 10 posts to view the section.

The organizer's member name is RapidRob

Here is the text:

For those of you who need these dies, 7.62x45mm for the CZ52 rifle, you can now join a GROUP BUY.
Members who want in are to contact me with your REAL email address, and name,not your nickname.
Do NOT send me any money.
These dies will be made by LEE. Your cost will be 50 dollars.
If you say you will take a set and back out I WILL ban you permanently.
Your word IS a verbal contract.
I am not running this group buy, another one is who needs more members to chip in so we all benefit with a lower price.


If you are interested contact me by PM or Email. You will be put on the list. Send NO money until told to do so.


1/07/08 UPDATE

The Group buy is on schedule. Every day more members from this and other boards on signing on.
After much discussion about failed,poorly run Group Buys on other forums, the following payment method will be the only permitted way to pay for your die set:
Only Postal Money Orders are to be used. This form of payment will protect you and the Group Buy manager.
The buyer/seller will have a record of the transaction.
The Postal Money Order should be sent " Signature Receipt/required". You will know for a fact that your money order has been received.
By using these two forms of payment/delivery, you are better protected from fraud and will have up dates as to your order.
In return you package will be sent with a tracking number when sent by UPS or USPS. You will be able to see where your package is in route.
We have a great group of members here. I'm sure this group Buy will move on smoothly and in a timely manner. I'm hoping every one will be happy with the die set and how the transactions are handled.

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Thanks for the info, am getting in on the buy. Saying that everyone who needs these have already gotten them is a bit like the head of the patent office shutting it down because everything that is going to be invented has been.

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Rapidrob email is [email protected]
He is very serious on this whole issue ... I have known him for many years and he is trustworthy and fair

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I just sent an e-mail to the address listed above and it came back as

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.
The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why
each recipient was rejected.

Recipient: <[email protected]>
Reason: 5.7.1 Error: No Such user ([email protected])

Is this the same rapidrob that posts here @ gunboards?

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We just finished a group buy of 50 sets of dies from LEE. Billy Starkey over on is starting a SECOND group buy of dies sets for 65 bucks each set. Contact Billy on SR to get your name on the list. You will need to join to get your name on the list,joining is free. The topic is a sticky under "For Sale"
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