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Postings from the Old board.

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As soon as they get this new board up and fully running the old board will be opened and you will be able to go in and cut paste the old topics over here.

I do know that is has ben asked to have the old board topic 100% migrated over but that is not likely to happen.

I'll keep you advise on what is happening with that.
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If you have any post from the recent board that you want move here. We have 48 hours to move them. Tell me what they are and I will attempt find the them. I reserve the right to be selective as I have to find then time to do it.

We also have 2 weeks to move posts from the old board so send me a list of them..Same reservations.
I think the topic about the KP 303 letting go would be useful to both old and new members. I think it was titled 'Apocalypse is coming'.

Good one to have. I'll work on it this evening.
Anybody got any more requests.

We have two weeks to pull them over.

I have a couple of more I have my eye on.

After we get them all moved I will go in and resize the photo's
I have just noticed that the announcement says you can go to the two old boards and cut and paste your favorite old topics your self.

Refer to the announcement at the top of the board for further information on how to get to the board.

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You have 48 hours to cut and paste or sticky to items you want back on this new forum. The address from the old forums is here and this board will be removed in 48 hours. Please move quickly to arrainge this:

To move cut and paste info from the original boards found here:
Please begin the cut and paste process immediately as these old boards (original) will be up for 2-3 weeks only. Get the info you want and get it here quickly.
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