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Posted - 10/21/2004 : 3:21:03 PM
I just bought my second Carcano. This one is a model 41 in 6.5mm. It is complete with cleaning rod and it appears to be an arsenal refinish. it is marked on the reciever with a crown symbol in a rectangle with rounded edges. Also in the rectangle below the crown it says FAT 42. On the left side of the stock is what I believe to be an arsenal cartouch. It is also a rectangle with rounded edges. Inside is a star and the letters D.A.Bo. Below that also in the rectangle are the numbers 51.

today :)

This is an unusual refurbishment mark. It designates the Direzione d'Artiglieria Bologna. I had hitherto only seen DAV (= Verona) markings without date.

Other post-WW-II markings are: Terni, Gardone, Roma.
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