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Post Char. Fl. K98 purchase Sat. Feb.

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Decided to check out this Gun show near me at Port Charlotte Fl. . Walked in and immediately saw what appeared to be a nice RC k98 with tag at $379. It looked good so I pulled out $300 and offered it to him and he took it. He said "I'm easy". It's a BYF 43{whatever that means, if someone can please tell me}. Has strong rifling, with a little fuzzy stuiff when you use a bore light and nice stock with two Nazi birds on receiver and barrel and the older bird on the barrel grip. It looks like it has that shellac on it but it is much lighter in color and not near as thick as my other RC. I will try to post both to compare. Walked a little further and a seller asked me what I had. I told him a K98. He sells, "wants some ammo?". I say sure, expecting him to pull out a box of 8mill for $30 dollars. He pulls out a plastic bag full of 50 rounds of 1943 8mill ammo on stripper clips marked at $20 bucks. I think the clips cost that much so I buy it. I walk a little further and see an elderly man trying to sell a k98 WWII cleaning kit to a seller and the seller is not interested. I ask him what he wants and he says it's all in there and wants $25. He takes $20. Now I don't know whether you are suppose to shoot this ammo or save it for a display since it is real 1943 ammo and the kit is 1943. I will post the pics, I hope{bad at that}.
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How is the ammo marked?

Looks copper washed..

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