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Possible Group Buy on Lee 6.5 Moulds???

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I know that Midsouth does orders on these, but below is what I got off the Lee site. I wonder if some folks with Swede Mausers would be interested as well, if we could get up a group for these?
We make custom bullet molds to your specifications for a $100 set-up and tooling fee for flat based bullets, and $150 for hollow based bullets, plus the cost of the mold. Double cavity molds would be $25.00, six cavity would be $50. Hollow base bullets can only be made in single cavity. If you are interested, we need to send you the specific details (please include your regular mail address).

Maximum bullet mold dimensions for standard mold blocks; (all dimensions in inches) single cavity, .580 dia. 1.250 length; double cavity, .685* dia. .900 length; six cavity, .520 dia. 1.000 length; *for single cavity mold in double cavity blocks, like our slug mold. For two cavities in the double cavity blocks, max. diameter is .600 inch.

Round ball molds require the use of a carbide ball to create. These items are expensive, and is reflected in the prices for custom round ball molds. Diameters of .690 and below is $150 set up fee in addition to the regular mold price and diameters of .690 and above require a $250 set up fee in addition to our regular mold price.

Lead time for all custom bullet molds is 120 days.

If 25 or more of the same mold is ordered at the same time, we will waive the set-up fee.

Dealers and Distributors will receive their discount only on orders of 100 or more.

S/H is $4.00 per order.
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