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Portuguese 1941 K98

I have a 1941 Portuguese K98 with serial number H3326. I traded it off in 1995 at the Moncton gun show. It went to Quebec with a dealer and he traded it to another guy in Quebec that came back to the show in 1996. I gentleman bought it first thing Saturday morning when the show opened. I was kicking myself that I let it go and looked for years for another one. A local gunsmith called me looking for a part and he told me about a gentleman that had a Mauser for sale so I called him and went over to his house and there was my Portuguese 1941 K98. He told me what he wanted for the gun and it was less than I got for it on trade. The only blemish is some stains on the butt plate and some minor handling marks. I think the stains on the butt plate can be cleaned up.

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