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my RC/Port-K98k's
Cole's #16561 Waffenampts #'s 655,135,135 on receiver, 655 655 on barrel.

Cole's(bought from allansarmory) #19129,Waffenampts #'s 135,135,135 on receiver. 135 135 on barrel.

G16561 receiver 655 135 135, barrel WaA655 WaA655
G19129 receiver 135 135 135, barrel WaA135 WaA135

Well Hambone I decided to get off my lazy hind quarters and provide my input.I bought this rifle in an estate sale about 20 years ago.It is not an import marked rifle.It is 100% matching in very good shape.From the PICs you will see that the number on the reciever is slightly different in style compared to the one on the barrel.Also if you look close you will see the remains of an old number under the number on the barrel.Also the date on the barrel is 39.
I contacted who I consider an authority on this,Mr Pisgah.Great guy.After a few exchanges of email he asked me to look for a paticular marking on the barrel just in front of the reiever.He said look for a 0.2 mark.From my PICs you will see that mark.Accordind to him this mark indicates a rebarreling by a German military armorer.I feel very confident that this is a genuine German used rifle because of the 0.2 mark and the serial number range.HTH

Ukn use, G6552, No import mark, matching but with a wrist repair on the stock. Not Russian captured weapon.

ADDENDUM; After a more through exam in GOOD light I will say this was German used. In addition to the H stamp in the butt are two WaA135 eagles directly below.

Thanks P3. The more examples the have, the more we may see a pattern. Your rifle falls squarely between RC's, which of course, we know are German used! This may help us ID rifles as German used which we may not have known before. My Port. is definitely NOT German used, but there are those out there (like you) that may have them that really could not have known for sure previously. The German used rifles would have come in with vets, early import, or RC. The Port., came in batches from Portugal. Until now, with the RC's, we had no definitive way to ID ranges. Thanks for your input and congrats on what sounds like a nice historical rifle.

H5786 PORT. UNISS. All matching No's. Matching bayo.
Norwegian? sorry don't know what to look for.

I have a 1937 mauser with the subscription: mauser werke A.G. oberndorm a/N
my serial number is: D8596 on every part of the rifle
the belt is not tru the stock but bent down at the lower top of the rifle

greetings niels

This is a RC from Coles sn G535.

Receiver right 655 655 655.

Import marked. No rc X

Norwegian modified K98k's are all guaranteed to have seen German WW2 service. None of them could possibly be post-war imports to Norway! I have handled at least 10 K98k's modified to .3006 that had the Portuguese crest on the receiver. None of them had a crested stock though!
This picture shows my key fob, made out of the receiver of one of these. The serial is G 6418.
I have also saved the stock from one. It is, of course, walnut and marked with 3 eagles with WaA135 and a capital "H" for Heer acceptance. Serial number of that rifle is G 7668. I have also recently sold two as parts kits, but failed to note the prefix, so the serial numbers are of no use! They were 1167 & 8031.

The Mauser M941 contract was sign in July, 15, 1941, for the purchase of 50.000 rifles, to be delivered in 10 batches of 5.000. But serial numbering had some problems. The first 4 batches had consecutive numbers, but after the 23.000 rifle- the german made an emergency requisition that interrupts the serial number sequence. The remaining batches are delivered with serial numbers from F to I, and only H batch would have complete and consecutive numbers.

I hope this helps.

Reider, thanks for the info. The Norwegian numbers are very important because they are known German used M941's. Same with the RC's. If you have any other numbers, do please post them. Nice rifle Vulch. I am assuming that one would likely be Portugese?

Portuguese records, Hambone!

A todos os melhores cumprimentos.

"Armamento do Exército Português Vol. I- Armamento Ligeiro" – Pages 142 and 143. ISBN 972-8816-43-X.
I can´t recomend the purchase because it has some basic errors, but I confess that it also has some gems, even unknown to the authors like the probable existence (to me) of a 1904 Vergueiro Carbine (original, not the altered M904/39) shown in a photo of the book.

Luso, many thanks, that's good stuff. You got top billing for that one. As we see, the global effort, from the RC observations (Eastern Europe and imported here), observations of those from batches imported to the US in the 50's to 90's, those in Norway, those in Europe, and importantly, Portugese records, and this puzzle can be put together as to German diverted weapons with enough detail to satisfy even the most anal retentive of us If you run across any other Portugese records or texts, please share. Kind regards, Hambone

For your study: All imported by SARCO & so marked.
S/N's F5616, F13696, F14336, H10598. All have portugese crest on stock. First two are completely matching. Last two are bolt mismatched. F14336 has bolt body F5971 (Striker assembly 14336), H10598 has bolt body H12838. All purchased in early 90's from SARCO. Hope this helps.

I've the same problem with unknow markings on my M1941 portuguese k98k. You'll find pictures here under.
For Hambone, here is the data of he rifle :
Sn G7792 all matching except the follower. This rifle is comming from a german gunsmith. It has some markings, the same of Boer. It seem to be an eagle (but not a ww2 one?) with a N under. An idea ?
There is no H on the stock. Just a WaA135 on one side (and one under) and a crest dated 1941 one the other. The rifle is in very good condition.
Like Boer, the butplate has a cross over the manufacturer (brg).
More surprising markings : x57 JS Orion and eagle?N number 12 between 2 other stange markings. On the barel, other markings (post war german national registration markings ?) I think that a german member of this board could explain some of these marks.
I've read the page on Law's k98 book, (p297) on commercial k98 because there was the information x57 JS on my rifle. No more information was found. If you have ideas on these markings and on the butplate cross, please leave a message on this board.
Have a nice week !

i have a portuguese 1941 98k contact rifle sn g12396 vet bring back excellent condition they are hard to find up hear in michigan,i also have a 1937 portuguese 98k they are even harder to find

100.000 M937 were delivered beetween 1937 and September 1939. There are three diferent models: M937, M937-A and M937-B. The differences?
I wish I knew!
Today I got my M941 specimen (bolt cut). I bought it blindly and so I don´t know what I really have:

Serial: H9603
Butt plate: cupped with "Brg"
Trigger guard and floorplate plate match but not the bolt, rear sight leaf, etc, etc, etc...
The barrel has a "41 SIG".
The stock is walnut, has the usual waffen-amts on the right side but no Portuguese Republic shield on the left.

I wonder what I have...
I tend to think that this mixmaster was a rebuild by a surplus dealer, but then again the rifle is indeed very dirty and I am having trouble to accept the idea that someone just assembled some parts.
Also, I do not believe that portuguese armouries would use non standard replacement parts...
What do you think?

I have Portugese K 98, number G 10, all matching numbers with Heer mark. Has had some use by the look of it. There are other marks I don't know about,

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continuation 2

May I ask, of all the respondants, to answer the following:
1. How many have a flat buttplate?
2. How many have the H Heer stamp?

I have noted that most, if not all the F block have flat buttplates, and the G block have the cupped. Also, ALL G blocks I have seen have a SINGLE butt waffenamt.

My F block, a definitely used rifle, has flat buttplate, and has the H heer stamp, as well as the regular 3 German issue waffenamts. I still tend to think my rifle was diverted to the Wehrmacht - I would love info on this!

Vulch, the use of flat v. cupped buttplates on the Portugese M1941 contract tracts the same as German rifle production. That Portugese contract started in mid-'41 and called for walnut (not laminate) stocks. The early stocks in walnut likely set aside for this contract were likely from '40 production, thus for flat buttplates. As the contract evolved into later production so did the use of cupped buttplates as this tracked Mauser Oberndorf German service rifle production, the flat butt walnut stocks and flat buttplates being used.

Hi there, new member from Germany here.
I find this discussion veeerry interesting as I own
an M941 as well, serial G12363.
This one surely had not been issued in Germany, as it
is in pristine, out-of-the-box condition. Not an RC.
The rifle has been re-proofed in Germany in the late
70's, likely imported from Portugal at that time.
Walnut stock, cupped butt plate.
I would have to verify on the WaA's.

Just last week I scored a vg M937, too so the
M941 has a buddy in the safe to talk to.
Gotta be nice to them old pieces!

dear hambone I have a M98 # f8115 all matchimg # including the cleaning rod in perfect condition I have had it for about 10 years I got it from a deceased friend. I donot have any info about it can you help me out on it? It has german proofs all over it. It is dated 1941 and made by Mauser . The stock is even proofed and numbered to the reciever with all kinds of proof marks. Please if you have time let me know when it made and is it worth anything? dta

Hello from Belgium,

Have a 1941 Portugese F997 , solid stock , flat buttplate.
Obviously reproofed in germany after the war (eagle/N proofs).
Unfortunately rechambered for 8x60S for hunting and re-reproofed in Liège.
All matching , including small pieces.
Stock proofs barely visible, serial matching including inside the handguard.


I received the below Portugese 1941 rifles from Gary Cole. Nice bluing, great bores. F18096: G3281, G5675, G8108, G12126, G17268. Hope this helps. Have you seen any Mauser Banner 98k's. I have a couple.


F 493 Portugese use(I guess?), Sarco Import stamp, Flat buttplate,
WaA 655,All matching numbers, but there is no numbering on the cleaning rod.

I just bought my first 98K, and it is a Portuguese one! Serial number is H13366, has no import markings. Butt plate is cupped marked brg, and has the "cross" stamped on it. It has been issued (don't know where), the wood is good to very good, the rifle is immaculate with 95% bluing remaining. All markings are intact and crisp. It is all matching inluding bayonet and scabbard. The only non matching piece is the cleaning rod marked 19. It came from a collector in BC who apparently had it for 25 years. I have no idea what it is worth, but I paid $800 for it, and to me it was worth it.

The only questions I have are:

There is no seial number on the barrel, but it appears original and has German eagle on top of swastika marking. Under the wood you can see the barrel has been stamped 40R12 followed by 3 small WaA markings. It does not have the 0,2 mark as explained earlier. Does anyone know what this might mean?

Also, seeing how my rifle appears issued, probably not to Germany during WW2, I am curious if the Portuguese issued these rifles. Is it possible that Portugal sold the rifles to another country to be issued, or did Portugal sell these off as surplus diretly to the market?



Here's mine
1941 dated, serial number H5935. All original stamped matching, near mint. Stock and reciever have a Portugese crest, firing proofs are Nazi eagles. Oberndorf made with WaA 135s, no 'H' stamp. I would say this were unissued. Has an extremely tiny import mark at the bottom of the barrel, which I can't make out. I was told a batch of mint Portugese k98 rifles were found and imported a while back, and I assume this would be one of them, can anyone confirm this story?

Here's another one in a shop by me. Serial number is F636, 1941 w /crest. Matching bolt group, floorplate, trigger guard, and lower band. Stock and upper band are mismatched, 90-95% blueing non import. Looks to have seen service.

Thanks Petersen. That tiny import mark is likely Hansens. They did bring some in within the last 10-15 years, some in exceptional shape. It was the last of the Portugese surplus. Look at the mark close, my bet is Hansens. They ran pretty big ads in SGN for these.

Just bought a mint 1941 Port. K98 serial G18213 Whata beauty, will post pics soon, great thread and info, thanks Gentlemen!

1941 Portuguese Contract Serial # H5243 (click here for many more detailed pics)

Hello Gentlemen,

My Portuguese contract 1941 K98k info is:

Serial No. H15001 stamped on left side of receiver and not on barrel, all-matching, un-issued/mint conditon, appears unfired, non-import marked, non-RC, walnut stock, no "H" Heer stamp, cupped butt plate, no caliber stamp on top of barrel ring, WaA135 marked, cleaning rod not marked, I suspect PORT use only.

Bayonet: Serial No. H16910

There seems to be a lot of variation in the markings on the 1941 Portuguese contract rifles from what I have observed.

HB, You list G4297 as a RC Coles import. Empire Arms just listed a Portuguese 1941 G4297 as Non-RC, Not import-marked, all matching (bolt and all bolt-parts have likely been renumbered to match), excellent-plus conditon, 98% original bluing on all parts. What's up with that?

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Hello new member here, i have H17265. all matching non RC, orig finish 85%+ import tiny mark above bayonet bar w/ rod (i added hood) 3x WAa135 on stock(side, bottom, grip) brg cupped plate w/ little cross

HB, Based on what your Portuguese K98 serial study suggests, it's possible there could be more "restored" examples out there. G18213 (not transcribed to first post) appears to be bracketed by RCs. In light of what we now know, I would think any minty, non-import marked rifle in the solid RC range is possibly restored. This might explain some of the samples that don't fit.

Good point. What may also explain it is that the rifle was captured and brought back. All the German issue ones were not sent to the Ost Front. I owned a legit G prefix vet bringback non import marked one that had shrapnel embedded in the buttstock. Not much shrapnel was flying about in Portugal that I am aware of ;)

A 1937 Portuguese serial # D1958, all-matching parts except for the stock, which is from a Yugo 98k.
I'm thinking the original stock was likely duffle-cut or bubba'd. Not import-marked.

A 1941 Portuguese serial # H1401, all matching numbers including stock. Has seen better days, but at least it has not been reblued or sanded. Not import-marked.

H8541 on GB matching except floorplate. Not import marked & matching bayo. Appears to be PORT use. Ex+ condition.

1941 H12181, All matching, Not import marked, no bayonet, German use?, cupped butt plate with cross and marked brg.

Stock has been sanded and ploy coated, and theres alot of rust under the wood line, but not severe pitting, so the rust looks to be recent.

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Here is my 1937. Serial number D-13564. The rifle is all matching and non import marked.
Has sling and muzzle cover.
Roscoe Blue

Here is my 1941 serial # H-7728. It is all matching and is import marked just in front of the bayonet lug. The import mark is so small I cannot read it. I have a bayonet that I think came with it but I can't remember. The bayonet serial number is G-1634. If anyone has the matching rifle to this bayonet let me know.
Roscoe Blue

Portuguese, G 13594, NIM, walnut, cupped b/p, all matching,unissued.

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifles:

F18970 GER RC
G7460 GER RC
G12658 GER RC (already posted)

Source: Empire Arms website.

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continuation 3

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifle:

G5814 GER RC

Source: Empire Arms website.

All matching, all parts, WaA135, H marked, no import marks, serial H13889 Port, made by mauser0werke A.G. Oberndorf 1941
sadly no bayonet.

hope it helps the database.

H 1707 , PORT, all matching, NI, bayonet H 19063.
The gun is in Canada.

I have F14744 NI all matching,no bayo,ger.

G9694 Ger, RC sold over on Gunbroker

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifle:

Rifle is deactivated and in the UK. Possible UK (?) import marks on reciever and barrel. Appears to be an RC due to SN on left side of stock butt.

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifle:
H7919 Matching including Bayonet
No mention of import mark
Unissued condition
Appears to be Port use due to condition and matching bayo

Source: ParallaxBills German Military Mauser Forum (8/20/05

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifle:
Not import marked
Seller claims vbb, therefore GER use. Stock marked with E/"H"

Rifle of a friend:
M 1941 B, cupped buttplate, walnut stock, all nr. matching, deactivated, Portugese crest on left side of buttstock
nr.: H 15519

Portuguese contract M941 Kar. 98k rifles:

F8690 GER RC

G2423 GER RC

Source: Empire Arms website.

Here's a Port k98 I just got, and will be sending back, serial number is G7889. Rifle is non-import, and appears to have seen service. Matching except for 1934 k98 stock (and lower band which matches stock). I was told rifle came from Vets estate.
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