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Most likely a stock/bedding problem, with other M14 specific possibilities.

Try registering here and doing a search:

From a thread on M1A vertical stringing:

Well, you'll need to rule out some easy stuff first:
shoot with match ammo
check the gas plug is tight
make sure the rear sight tension is good (although IME, the aperature will drop, not raise when there's not enough tension).
make sure there's no play in the flash suppressor and check the inside for copper streaks (this usually results in a big messy target, but check it anyways).
If you're shooting with a sling, if the sling slips or the tension gets less, I wouldn't be surprised to see some minor stringing.

Now it's a matter of carefully checking the rifle over in a methodical manner so that you don't trample the evidence in a rush to pull the rifle completely apart. Think about any parts you may have swapped out.
The handguard should not contact the stock. There should also be a slight gap between the handguard and the receiver so that it won't get pinched when the barrel warms up. I know you ruled it out, but check it anyways.
Take a look at the gas system. Make sure the front face of the stock ferrule is not contacting the face of the front band (the ferrule should pull downward on the band, not push it forward).
The trigger group lockup should be tight--last 1/4" when closing the trigger guard should take some pressure.
Check the inside of the stock and make sure the oprod is not rubbing wood.
Make sure the unitized gas system hasn't loosened up (ie screws loose).
Check the bedding surfaces for chips or other degradation.
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