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Do you, by any chance, have a bipod attached to that rifle? It would appear that something is affecting the barrel. Do you have the original Poly stock on it?

Barrel supported bipods are worthless so don't use one. IF you have one that clips onto the front ferral, it's possible that the barrel is touching the threaded bolt-end of the ferral that sticks up into the inletted area and needs to be ground flush. There is not much clearance between the barrel and the lumber.

If none of that is the problem, I'd too agreed that it's the bedding. Something is bothering that barrel. I've built a match-grade shooter using a Poly and it was dead-nuts. Make sure that the stock isn't touching the barrel anywhere by slipping a piece of paper under it between it and the stock from the muzzle as far back as you can. The barrel should be floating in that inletted area. I'd also suggest you pick up a Fred's M14 stock. Buy an "excellent' one and it'll cradle that hardware perfectly and I'll bet it'll correct your stringing. That poly stock is poor compared to the M14 stock.

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