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Muzzle crown uneven?...I've had rifles I swore had near excellent muzzle crowns, but with problems similar to yours, inconsistent shot placements, excessive changing of point of impact with heating, inaccurate with almost all loads except one maybe two loadings, but then I recrowned the muzzle myself with simple methods of a round headed screws chucked in a hand drill, smeared with valve grinding compound to make the round headed screw head make a nice recrown, but hey, who knows for sure, just I do know I wasted alot of ammo and years on several .308's that I refused to believe the muzzle crowns were cut improperly, and when you are dealing with century arms products, or other low end items, it happens, especially to bargain basement pistols of the past, like my helwan 9mm and tok 9mm chicom that both had brand new bores and muzzles, shotgunning shots all over the paper at ten yards till I recrowned to make shots going into previous holes in the paper.
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