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Don't know if you've looked at the different sites referred to above, but the responses are overwhelmingly positive. Here is the comment I had posted on one of them:
ALMOST ALL of the "bad" things you hear about the chicoms are false rumors spread by ignorant people - OR by those who do conversion work (or their friends) trying to get you for $700 - $900 worth of unneeded work!
The ONLY chicom M1A type rifles that had any problems were the first ones brought in, Many, Many years ago. These were all metric. The later ones are all US spec except for the parts previously mentioned.
There is NO reason to think about heat treating any of the chiocom receivers! There is also no reason to be worried about "soft bolts' as these are also about non existant. Shoot the rifle and watch your empties about every 100+ rds to check the primers. Any head space problem that "MIGHT" appear will be noticed there before it gets bad enuf to cause problems.
Some one earlier commented about "life time warrenty" and who will take care of the rifle if there is a problem. With the chicoms you don't need a warrenty because they will - right out of the box with NO mods - last longer than the much balleyedhooed springfields, which do need such a warrenty because people keep having problems with them!
There has NEVER been a reported major failure of a chicom in the 5+ years I've been on these boards! I have however read of major problems with every single US made receiver M1A type rifle. Guess thats why so many pronounce the chicoms to be junk.
I know of a class 3 dealer with a couple of chicom M14 select fire rifles and he has over 30,000 rds thru them and has never had any problems. I also know of several guys with the semi chicoms with over 10,000 rds and NO problems. Will your lifetime guarentee springfield do better?????
I personally own both a semi M14/S and select fire M14 chicoms and have never had any problems. Got both new and have done nothing but shoot them, and shoot them, and shoot them.
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