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I wouldn't shoot 308 Winchester out of any gun chambered for 7.62 NATO, period.

Well, perhaps an FAL that I can adjust the gas flow to the action. The Winchester round is much, much hotter than the NATO round, unnecessarily accelerating parts wear and shorting the life of key components.

I wonder if repeated use of the Winchester cartridge is what led to the "stretching bolts" rumor of these Chinese guns.

Besides...NATO surplus is cheaper than commericial .308 Winchester. Use the .308 in your bolt actions. Save the NATO for your auto-loaders.

I would jump on a $700 Polytech right now even though I already own one. I bought mine in the late 1990s and used it as the basis for an "almost" National Match M14.

I sent it to Smith Enterprises for the GI bolt conversion. I probably wouldn't think it necessary now, but I did then. The receiver was also heat treated. National Match front and rear sights added. Flash suppressor reamed to NM specs. Action fitted to a Fred's "big red birch" surplus stock and glass bedded (I have never disassembled it since). The trigger was tuned to NM specs. Finally, I had all the metal parts cyrogenically treated.

I say "almost" National Match because I stopped short of having an aftermarket barrel added. I kept the Chinese chrome-lined one. Smith used a National Match chamber reamer on the barrel.

For all this, I have never fired a 168 grain match bullet out of it to see just how it will do. Mainly just South African surplus. When I had the rifle built, I wasn't a very good match competitor and figured I would upgrade to a Krieger or Douglas barrel once my skills came up. I haven't yet, but I may have it done while I'm in Kuwait.
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