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Some of the values in the book are high.Polish rifles from the the 1920-1939 peroid are can be very expensive when in good condition and matching.Matching examples of the Mausers are very hard to find.Training rifles are very very hard to find.With internet auctions the prices can go what may appear to be insanely high.The worth of these .22 trainers can be whatever the auction bidders will be willing to pay.I have heard of Polish guys comming here to Gunshows and buying everything up Polish to ship back there.I have not seen the .22 models for sale on any auctions.I have seen German and British trainers only.I think the WZ-31 is just the model of the Trainer that looks like 8mm WZ-29 and there may not be a Wz-29 trainer.There are more guys with way more information and experiance with these things than I on the boards who will give you a better answer.
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