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Polish P-64 at Gun shop

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I've always wanted a P-64 to round out my collection. I was at a local gun shop and saw one in Excellent condition with only one mag for $200. But it had a custom grip and I prefer my military pistols "as issued" (and a holster and extra mag would be nice too). The grips were black and white woven checkered (the black may be carbon fiber) under a clear epoxy finish. Anyone ever see one like that or have an any info or approximate value for it? If I get the pistol I will probably swap out the grips and sell them.

Anyone know a good place where I can get the original grips as well as a holster and extra mag?
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I guess the good news is you probably will be able to sell the grips to some "enthusiast", and pocket a substantial difference. I too like 'em "as issued" or as close as I can get. I
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