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I think the Makarov gets the top shelf in my cabinet. Yes I own a Polish P-64, but it fits my wife's hand just right for her carry weapon, so "Don't be a girlie mahnn" as Awnod would say, and get a Mighty Mak to carry and leave the P-64's to the .... :D :D :p :rolleyes: Wow, It is easy to stir it up, isn't it IJ70? I don't argue with the guys at the shows on this matter, but they say, "It says so right on the slide". I just keep walking, too many guns to gander at and so little time. :) TTH and all the P-64 guys, I'm just funnin' trying to get a laugh or two. BTW, has anyone seen the "guns" on TTH, why he could pop my head like a pimple, :eek: so I say again, I am just kidding. :p But they are two different animals, and even though mine is quite accurate, the Mak is the best.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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