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I was asked If I knew much about Mosins (because Id ownwd a few) asked to look over a pre-buy.
It was a very nice looking all matching Polish M-44.
I mentioned, 'we' should look down the bore.
It was pretty dusty in barrel (fuzzy) and so we ran a cleaning patch down the barrel, yet bore looked funky, so 'we' ran a bore brush down the barrel, now I could see some alarming things.
The corroded Rifling looked like interrupted threads with vast swaths totally gone.
Minty on outside and cast iron sewer pipe on inside.
Owner had bought ctgs and shot it, the problem was the ammo was corrosive and owner never cleaned it before going in closit for 7 years.

What was odd was There was no brite rust showing.
Did owner just hose down barrel with lube?

After seeing that, Im more interested on whats inside the chamber and barrel than exteriour finish, that was basicly a brand new unissued Polish Mosin, and it was turned into a wall hanger.
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