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Rather than destroy a valuable military rifle and spend a ton of money doing it and end up with a rifle that is then worth only about $75 dollars despite your spending $500 plus to modify it why not just find a gun that is already butchered up and rebuild it.

You can find tons of butchered military rifles as gun shows and you will only have to spend about $75 to get them, I also see tons of them go at auctions for this price.

Take the butchered military rifle and saw and grind away at it to your hearts content, when you have spent tons of money and then tire of working on it you can then sell it at auction for $75 bucks.

Another option would be to take it to a gunsmith and then have him rebarrel it. If it has a nice wood stock you can refinish it yourself or if it has the typical junk injection molded plastic stock you can spray paint it.

I was just at a gun show last weekend and saw a 1903 Springfield rifle that had been sportsizted and to do that job today (it was actually professionally done) would cost someone about $1,500 plus. The gun sold for $200 bucks. Now you can see what a waste of money such a project really is.
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