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Actions: Allan at Allans-Armory (A GB sponsor!) has an FN barreled action right now, less bottom metal

Reference materia/peoplel: Krause Publications is but one of several that offer such thing. Shotgun news had an article recently about doing that very thing. Also, any edition of RIFLE maazine will have lots of custom 'smiths that can do this type work


If you go to the ER SHAW website (use a search engine) it will give you a pretty good idea of what you are looking at. Basically, you will have to the following, and will wind up with about $500 in it:

Open bolt face
Adapt magazine rails
Rebarrel, chamber, and headspace (+barrel cost)
Drill & Tap receiver

You will also have to do something with the safety. You can go with a mod.70-type (about $150) or a Low-Swing type, or a safety mounted on the trigger, which will then require a different bolt shroud, so the Low-swing is a good and realtively cheap option. this does not include a good trigger either. masuers are not knowne for thier sorting triggers so expect to spend about $50 on that too

That puts you pretty close to $550.

Does not include a brake, which on a .338 you may want to consider.This also assumes that you have the guard and mag, or "bottom metal." If you do not, expect to shell out another $150-200 easily. If you do, you may want to have the fat ugly triggerguard contured. This could run you about $100 more to whoever does all that stuff above.

Now we are at the stock. Wood or Plastic? If it's "Plastic", then you can go from about $100 to well over $400. If you go wood, then you are dependent on wood type and grade as to price. JJK correctly ID's my fave for this, but there are others. Figure from about $100 for a really straight-grained stock that will require some work to $400+ for premium wood.

If you go wood and want checkering, there is a guy at Classic Checkering that will do the work for between $170 - $300, depending on what you want.

We are now at about $650 to $1000, depending on the above.

Of course, this does not include the actual assembly of alot fo this, or the glassing/free-floating of the action in the stock, or, in the case of plastic, the possibility of pillar bedding. Oh, and I never did mentionthe purchase/installation of iron sights, scope bases/rings, or scope itself.

That puts you at about $850-1200, for a gun that will sell at about $200-500, depending alot on the stock and the barel used and any other goodies therein.

Something you may want to SERIOUSLY consider is either the purchase of a "custom" mauser that some guy has abandoned and radily avaialbe on the gun auctions for bewteen $200 to $500, depending on what you want, or a factory gun like a Charles Daly or similair gun for about $400 or so for one in great shape. if you can find an FN Mauser at Allan's or on one of the auction sites you can then have it either rebarreld or rebored, and that would add $200-400 from a reputable place like those in Rifle magazine, and then you are out only $600 or so for the same gun.

Of course, it's up to you. Good luck!
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