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Please Kindly Support The New Moderator Of This Forum

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I recently requested that Brent and Vic relieve me of my responsibilities for moderating on
I have concluded that the forums I moderated and the site as a whole would be better served by a person more in accord with the direction that this site is taking. I choose to take this action for a number of long thought out reasons that I made the owners aware of.

This was not a happy nor was this an easy decision to make. I first considered resigning my moderating duties in 2007 but out of loyalty to the owners of this site and my unwillingness to burden them with even more work I held on until 2011. As I began a new academic year, in August 2011, I felt I must be starkly honest with myself and with the owners of this site so as to allow them to fill my moderating position with persons that they have full trust and faith in. I requested to have my status changed to member. A number of you have asked about the status change under my name and others have found out what happened when they requested something to be moderated; powers I have not had since August 2011. Rather than tell you a few at a time I felt it best to make this post so all will know where I stand. I will continue to post on the site as I have done since 1996 and spared moderating duties may well be free to make more meaningful contributions than I have been able to in the last few years. Please kindly support whomever is chosen to take my place as moderator on those forums I was tasked to moderate.
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Great job, MJL, I hope everything works out. Best of luck to you!
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