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My friend and shooting partner told me yesterday that he, with his doctors concurrence, has given up his cancer battle and is now working with Hospice. Truly a sad day for me. One of his projects he is working on now is to liquidate his firearm collection so his wife does not have to deal with it. He asked me to help by giving him the value of two Japanese rifles he has. I looked through gunbroker sold items and a little bit in the trader here, but still cannot help him much. I'm hoping people here can give me a range of probable values for his rifles. Here is what he has (I don't have pictures but can probably get some if needed):

T99 Short rifle - series 7, mum has two light lines struck with a bayonet or file (I didn't even see them at first), has cleaning rod, rifle numbers match and bolt numbers match but they do not match each other, Safety is the grooved version (how rare is that?), bore is in good condition, wood and rifle finish are in decent original condition.

T38 rifle - series 22, mum present, has cleaning rod, bolt serial number does not match but it matches itself, good bore, wood and rifle finish in decent original condition.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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