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Plastic chamber bedding in M96

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I recently got a rebuilt M96 with a Husqvarna receiver, and am very thankful for the help that several here gave me in understanding the ins-and-outs of these Swedish rifles.

Last week I got it entirely disassembled and discovered, to my surprise, that the chamber area of the stock had been very nicely bedded with some sort of plastic compound. I also found the serial number written out and affixed the the magazine on a piece of yellow waterproof tape.

My assumption has been that my rifle is a late arsenal rebuild from Sweden. There is even what I think is a rebuild stamp on the otherwise unmarked barrel (a crown with a "B" below it). But I was surprised to find the bedding. Did the Swedes do this sort of thing, or is this a sign of a later owner making a post-import improvement?

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I have not heard of the Swede arsenals bedding a military rifle , but since these HVA M96's originally went to FSR members , he may have bedded the rifle himself . The tape sounds like the same owner did it ? Not military .
The CG-63 target rifle, when ordered, could be had with an action that was bedded in a compound, or in wood.

As your rifle is a m/96, I have to agree with SWEDE that a m/96 rifle so bedded was probably a FSR or Civilian owned rifle. Military rifles are made and maintained to a certain specification. Basically, they are Clones of each other. If a part, such as a stock, was damaged severely, then the part was replaced.

Generally, a FSR or Civilian rifle will have the stock disk removed. However this is not a sure indication because some people "improve" a rifle that has a missing stock disk with a replacement one. Many people do not realize that these rifles should not have a stock disk, and they buy one on e-bay or somewhere else so that their rifle is "complete."
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