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Enjoy the fishing while you can.I live 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama and our waters are closed and our fish are dying.My Gulf fishing boat is setting in the Yard where it will probably stay forever.I just spent $500 getting it ready for Red Snapper Season and it stayed open a day and a half before they shut down the waters.We used to fish several times a week and catch lots of Fish.This was without a doubt the best place in the World to fish.I hope and pray everyday that I will get to fish again in the Gulf before I grow to old.I dont think we will be doing any fishing for Decades before this gets back to Normal.I have personal friends who USED to make there living of of Shrimping and commercial fishing as well as Charter Boat fishing.All of this is OVER and dont believe what you here on the News about B-P making these people whole.It aint going to happen and they will lose the only living they know.One of my friends is working for BP with his Shrimp boat and has been working in Mobile bay dragging booms and hasnt got paid a Dime yet.He has had to pay his Deckhand out of pocket and his fuel is supposed to be paid for by BP but his name is on the Charge ticket at the fuel dock.Lets pray for these guy's and hope that maybe oneday my Grandson can Fish these waters.Mike
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