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This cutaway came from the Sile batch. It was purpose made by Enfield and then sent to Australia. I do not feel that it was a rifle converted to a cutaway but made up specifically has a cutaway.

This cutaway has several interesting points:

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A longer, non matching barrel was added by SILE to meet US barrel/overall length requirements.

Revolver Trigger
Cutaway receiver serial number matches bolt number.

Arm Leg
Note Enfield inspector's marking placed in an area that was milled away in preparing the cutaway, confirmng Enfield production.

Revolver Cylinder
Western Australia (WA) inventory number 17 that matches inventnory number on butt stock flat.

Western Australia department roundel with inventory number 17.

Since the forum has been talking about sectionalized and cutaway arms, these might be of interest.

Below: my full length British No.1 and No. 4 full length cutaways and a Ross M10 cutaway.
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