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Pics of my recent M91 "INSTRUCTIE" purchase

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The first "INSTRUCTIE" model I've seen in person. I picked it up at a local gun shop, for $85 OTD. Unfortunately it did not come with a cleaning rod, bayonet, or sling. :(

Receiver, barrel, and butt plate match, magazine assembly has two S/N's one of which match, and the bolt doesn't match. Receiver and barrel also has the suffix "G" added to the S/N.

Izhevsk bow and arrow marked parts include barrel, bolt cocking piece, both sections of the rear sight, both barrel bands. Magazine assembly is hard to tell, could be a bow and arrow or could be a Tula hammer. Nose cap has a Tula hammer. Magazine floor plate parts are marked with Chatellerault "C" inside a circle and also has a "B" inside a diamond.

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Can't lose on that one, even the woodwork is worth more than $100
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