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Pics of my recent M91 "INSTRUCTIE" purchase

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The first "INSTRUCTIE" model I've seen in person. I picked it up at a local gun shop, for $85 OTD. Unfortunately it did not come with a cleaning rod, bayonet, or sling. :(

Receiver, barrel, and butt plate match, magazine assembly has two S/N's one of which match, and the bolt doesn't match. Receiver and barrel also has the suffix "G" added to the S/N.

Izhevsk bow and arrow marked parts include barrel, bolt cocking piece, both sections of the rear sight, both barrel bands. Magazine assembly is hard to tell, could be a bow and arrow or could be a Tula hammer. Nose cap has a Tula hammer. Magazine floor plate parts are marked with Chatellerault "C" inside a circle and also has a "B" inside a diamond.

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The bore isn't too bad, frosty but the lands are still pretty strong. I'm still undecided as to if I am going to shoot this one yet. I'll probably end up testing it with some blanks or maybe some of that Czech training ammo with the round nose.
I'm not going out of my way for the accessories. I had an extra sling to put on it, I'll just keep an eye out at local gun shows for a good deal on a cleaning rod and bayonet. "Commie" guns aren't a huge seller at our local shows, not too many collectors around here so some good deals sneak by. Works out for me.
Nice rifle there, looks like your wood is in better condition than mine is.
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