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Pics of my "new" M94

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My brother delivered the M94 he picked up for me. I'm having a heck of a time removing the stock since I can't get the rear action screw to budge. Though not easily seen in the pics, the stock has sections with a very nice tiger stripe pattern. The varnish was applied over many of the metal parts as well as the leather buckle and the stock disk. Fortunately it has been there for decades and is easily removed with a fingernail. So far, all the numbers match, including the handguard...except for the bolt. It is 2 digits away from the receiver number. The bore is beautiful and I think the stock will clean up nicely. Repro nose cap enroute from Swede.

Serial number purposely altered in the photos.

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Some scope rings use torx bits. I have a Wheeler set from Midway. Good bits for short money.
All I can say is, take your time with the screw. It will move.
Appears the nose cap is missing. Is the stock cut for the bayo mount?
It isn't cut for the bayo mount and I have a repro nose cap on the way from Swede. I was able to remove the stock and sure enough, it matches the receiver. Thus far, I've been able to remove 90% of the varnish using nothing more than my fingernails.

It has a very nice tiger stripe pattern emerging:

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Yes , that is the cartouche on the wrist of the stock . Looks like a " Crown/O " for the Army work shop at Östersund . The same mark should be on your barrel shank near the serial number .
Thanks much! I located the same mark on the barrel.
Here's a progress photo. I ran two BLO scrubs on the stock (4oz BLO, 4oz turpentine, 4oz denatured alcohol, 1oz ammonia). The stock has some stains where cleaning solvents have dripped out the rear of the receiver and down the butt. I didn't want to try to scrub all that away since I thought that told the story of the carbine. After the scrubs, I ran 4 applications of 50/50 BLO and turpentine with a day between to dry. I then finished up with 3 applications of 80\20 BLO and turpentine. I think I'll leave it at that. I didn't stain the stock but just applied the BLO over what was already there. I don't think it has ever been sanded. More to come later.

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