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The below is personal opion based on observation and a little research, corrections gratefully accepted.
MAS 44: marked "MAS 44" on the left side of the receiver, normally finished in black enamal. I believe most had the hidden spike bayonet.
MAS 49: marked "MAS 49" on the left side of the reciever, normally phosphate finished. French issue didn't have bayonets, some rare few didn't have grenade launchers. Foreign contract (Syrian) had the bayonet and grenade launchers.

Personal collection includes a post-war 36, 36-51, French 49 w/o grenade launcher, Syrian 49, and unissued refurb 49-56. All the French ones are in great shape, couldn't have been dropped more than once. The Syrian is very well used. I'll try to post a photo later.
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