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Pics. of my 43 SAMCO sniper

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I thought you guys would like to see pics of my 1943 dated SAMCO, it is all matching even the stock is serialed matching, the bore is mint and it is my favorite PU. The scope is a refurbed original made in 43 and the mount is an izzy marked original.
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I can only wish we had SAMCO here, very nice indeed!
Beautiful rifle. Interesting scope number too. Thanks for posting. Love those Yugo PU's.
I ordered several at a time back when they had all matching rifles and I told them to try to send me at least one with a year other than 1944 and that's how I ended up with it. I was hoping for a 42 but I knew the odds weren't in my favor.
Very nice, I got into the game a liittle late to pick up an all matching Samco. You got a beauty there; how does it shoot.

It's a good shooting rifle and can shoot moa with it no problem, I ordered one of the select rifles today, Abda (I think) told me that at least the bolt would match, that would be nice but I'll be happy if it has an excellent bore like most of my other samcos had. My favorite SAMCO was a mismatched 44 that had a flattened spot where the shooter rested the rifle , looked about like the width of a window frame. That rifle had all original finish and was a real tack driver, with the nicest trigger I've ever felt on a mosin, even a finn. wish I had kept it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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