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Capital Ordnance
Posted - 07/13/2006 : 4:45:01 PM
I bought this with an estate and I'm trying to find out a little about this rifle. I read that it was not to fire live ammo, but special blanks for youth training. As you can see in the pic that it is small. My 3 year old fits this thing fine!
It is marked "Verona Fratelli Grazian" "9-40" on the chamber.
Any idea of the value and collectability of this rifle?
Thank you for the information. Ordnance/2006713164428_IMG_1835.jpg
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I took a couple more pics of the rifle stock and receiver. Ordnance/2006713171423_IMG_1837_1_1.JPG
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103.66 KB Ordnance/2006713171440_IMG_1838_1_1.JPG
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