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Now that we got vBulletin, my post that got lost Sept 4...

Here's some pics of my inherited EG MAK. Took her shooting Saturday w/ Wolf 95 gr hardball. Used the 21# spring while shootin my last 2 mags and had no failures to eject. My first experiance and was IMPRESSED! My buds and I are die-hard .45 fans (Glocks for me), and all who shot her are now on the lookout to increase their armory size.
The rust lookin stuff on the underside of the slide in pic 2 is actually copper plate lube.
As you can also see, the blueing in some spots needs attention. Added the Pearce grips.
Now, if I could only find someone to install tritium 3 dots and do a manganese parkerizing job, I'd be plum tickled!
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