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Picked up a Gustloff .22 Trainer today w/ Waffen Jung stamp?

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I picked up a really nice Gustloff .22 trainer K98 with a weird stamp on the left hand side ofbthe stock. The stamp is Waffen Jung Stuttgart. The markings on the rest of the gun are as follows.

Top of receiver: Large G with Gustloff-Werke Waffenwerk Suhl underneath it.
left side of barrel: Kal. 22 Lang fur Buchsen 211512
Right side of barrel: K.K. Wehrsportyewehr

Is this a military trainer or a commercial sales rifle? And what is the deal with the stamp? Is a commercial firearms business? I got it off a guy today that he said his neighbor brough it back from WWII and gave it to him before he died. And he has had it ever since. It came with an original sling as well, but it's so fragile I took it off for frear of ripping it.

Any and all help would be appreciated!

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Can you post more pictures? You might also like to post on the .22 forum here at Gunboards. The rifle was probably sold as a commercial rifle to the youth group in Stuttgart. The serial indicates that it is an early version of the Gustloff KKW made soon after the change from BSW. Pix of the commercial proofs would be nice and might help date the rifle. For more info on the type, see Jon Speed's book on smallbore Mausers.
X 2 on what Aeisir said. the trainer section here is good or better yet the trainer section on the www.k98kforum that I moderate. Either is great for more discussion . That is a retailer stamp. A gustloff kkw is a commercial rifle. The army only used the el24 conversion kit. But, there is a very small window of late war kkw's that bear a legit e/749 waffenampt. Any others are highly suspect..
M99 is right on the money; Waffen Jung is a retailer/buchsenmacher still in business today.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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