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There is something new out there that anyone who lives in or near Tennessee or is traveling through it might like to know about. It is a new app for smart phones that some might find useful. Right now it is only available for android phones but as soon as they can get a deal worked out it will be available for I-phones.

It is called ReadyTn and has a lot of very useful information available.

If you have an android phone and live in Tennessee or are planning to travel through Tennessee you might want to check it out. Just Google ReadyTN and check it out.

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Looks like a useful app, thanks for letting us know. I look forward to the developers making the same programing available for other states.

DescriptionReady TN promotes preparedness and provides situational awareness in Tennessee.The Ready TN mobile application promotes individual preparedness at the community level and provides situational awareness before, during and after emergencies. The application does not replace calling 9-1-1 for emergencies. It should not be used as a substitute for a weather-alert radio during potentially life-threatening weather conditions, such as tornadoes.
Frequently Asked Questions, click here:
Ready TN is a tool to help citizens know the hazards in their community and the preparations they should take to be ready during any emergency. Ready TN provides updates on weather and road conditions, and information about shelters and recovery operations during and after emergencies.
Emergencies impact individuals first and grow to include civic resources, such as police, fire, EMS and emergency management. Therefore, emergency preparation is an individual responsibility.
Ready TN draws its data from many different sources; however, the Ready TN application requires network connections and location services to access this information. Network usage costs may apply based on the individual user’s data plan. Please check with your provider for details on usage plans.
The state provides no guarantees of cellular network reliability, data availability or validity of information outside our control. At times of outages from these sources, the Ready TN application will indicate when data is unavailable.
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