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Had a great time at the Phoenix gun show this past weekend. It was great to see Odie's new T-14 in person. It was also great to see Victor walking around the show. Victor, you seemed one step ahead of us wherever Marten and I went. Also good to chat with Bob Long and Larry Stewart. Not a lot of Japanese weapons other than those Jim brought along but still a pretty good show. The December one will be much better.

I did manage to find a really interesting bayonet. It's a Kokura Hourglass variation M (JB 51). Interesting thing about this one is that the serial number is located on the top of the tang rather than on the end of the pommel. I'm assuming this bayonet was originally issued in a wooden scabbard but the one it is in is one of the late metal scabbards with the tubular tip. Still, a pretty good deal for $60.

All the best,

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