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Recently I acquired a repro PEM side mount and a scope. I have two candidate ex-PEM sniper rifles to mount the scope. I do not presently have the screws and pins.

Both rifles have a nice bore and are in appropriate stocks for their circa of production and in good shape.

Rifle 1 is a 1938 Tula. The CH markings are not super clear but present.

Rifle 2 is a 1942 Izhevsk. Clear scope number on left and not lined out.

Not a big deal, but seeking advice on which one may be the better candidate. I am leaning toward the wartime Izhevsk for some reason.

I hope to get to the range this week and see if I can hit anything with either rifle.
Seeking opinions or any historical advice as this is my first attempt at a PEM rifle. I have completed several PU ex-sniper refurbs with original and/or repro scopes/mounts. Technical advice also welcome.

Is there any definitive information on correct pin and screw sizes? Any scope instructions. Iknow it is not overly complicated but a zero instruction write up would be nice,. Thanks ibn advance for any input.

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I would restore the best shooter out of two.
If accuracy of both rifles is about the same, go with 1938 (just to keep 1942 in "original" ex-sniper state as less common rifle).
I re-scoped an ex-PEM with Igor's mount two years ago. If you have done PUs, PEM should not be a problem.
PM me, I can help you out with pins and screws (BTW, screws are the same as PU - M6x0.75mm pitch).
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