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Peleliu Grenade parts finds

Grenades were usually delivered to end users separated into Bodies(Charged) and Fuse/lever assemblies with safety pin in place. They were then assembled prior to issue up the line.
This was common practice in both US and British Armies, (I rememeber "fuzing" both No36 (Mills) Grenades, and M26 US grenades during training back in the 1960s.
I have just come across a set( two pallets) of (US) Grenade crates, differently labelled for "Fuze" units and "Grenade Bodies" (M26 Frag and M30 Prac).

It could be that these relics were actually "de-activated" after the war, by dismalting and Burning/explosion. It could be that the grenade Bodies have been collected separately,and the explosive melted out or otherwiase removed (I have about a dozen M1 Pineapple Bodies from the Solomons, which have been "Recycled" into Movie Dummies with new Fuze bodies and levers (Inert, of course) and the appropriate colour scheme ( Sandy Brown for early WW II, and European issue, Green for Pacific issue after 1943.)

Who knows...In actual combat use, Fuze units become just fragments like the rest of the grenade.

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Hello felows:
My, my there is a bunch of American grenade fuses , handles and rings. Interesting that so many fuses are intact, that means that they weren't exploded.... duds ?.
No! All those grenades exploded! Fuses don't disintigrate and remain intact when the 'nade explodes. We found grenade fuses everywhere on the battlefield and in bunkers/caves. Former Peleliu survivor Everett Pope, who earned the Medal of Honor on Peleliu, told me that they often tossed a grenade and then a few rocks at night atop the ridge just to conserve on grenades and keep the japanese in their caves. Prevented a counter-attack. The Japanese couldn't tell the difference between a live grenade tumbling down the hill and a rock. That's how his band of survivors held out all night!

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