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This last weekend took me to the eastern edge of Tenn., and I slid into a local pawn shop to see what they had, and spotted a Finn'ed 91-30.
As I am not very savvy to the facts and figures of these rifles for the most part, I'll list what I recall.
finger jointed stock
tikka mark ('T' in a triangle in circle)on receiver as well as 1941 date- hex receiver
date (?) of 13 on tang
dragoon rear sight
open blade front sight
Remington marks on a lot of the parts (circle 'R')
numbers were mismatched
bore dark, but rifling strong
wire sling loops w/sling in place
I asked him if he could do anything on price, and he came back at $120 cash.

BUT- he would not transfer out of state. I thought it was mandatory for an FFL to do so, but I wasn't his boss, so I begrudgingly left.

SO- if anyone is in the area of Newport Tennessee, check the Dixie Pawn Shop.

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with a 41 date on a tikka barrel, sounds more like you found a model 1891. 120 bucks is still a good price for one though. Bummer he wouldn't sell to you. I've had to walk away from more than one rifle because of that. y'all have a good day, Keith
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