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Part out rifle?

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What would a Spanish Air Force Mauser be worth parted out? I can get one for $150 but the barrel is toast, no rifling in the first 6 inches past the chamber and then only a dull ridge the rest of the way, stock solid but sanded and clear poly coated, straight bolt looks OK, mag assy. OK.
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honestly unless your lucky you dont have a $150 in parts..Stock is not worth much sanded to anyone looking to restore....shot out barrel..I dont see it..a K98k bolt would bring $150 alone but a spanish bolt not much...Sell it complete as a wallhanger or place holder for $150...the amount of work shipping all the ity bits??? listing them..just dont see it..I will say if you do Ebay is the only place to go with the parts..people get lucky there all the time with junky junk even
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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