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draw, from under a shirt is 2.0+ seconds, but that's ok, cause the shoulder rig is more expensive and NASTY to wear in hot weather.:) The gun in a shoulder rig tends to "run-away-from" your hand in fast draw. It needs a cross chest strap to prevent that.

the way to be fairly fast with a pocket rig is to not have tight fitting pants, have consistent size, shape, and positioning of pockets, and learn to slap your leg a bit with your fingers "feel" the outside leg seam as you run your hand up it, let your thumb feel the top edge of your pocket, at that point, reverse the hand movement, driving fingers into the pocket.

wearing a jacket, in many climates and places, marks you as carrying a gun. also, in a tussle, anyone grabbing the shoulder harness, from behind you, has your ARMS PINNED.

also, you LOOK like you're reaching for a weapon (or holding one) if you've reached inside of jacket or shirt, up by your armpit. Nobody pays any attention to the fact that you've got 1-2 hands in your pockets. In fact, the punk might TELL you to "hand it over". :) by the time he can recognized that "it', AINT a wallet, that is being "drawn" a fast man has already shot him in the head. the pocket draw, starting with the hand in pocket, can be so fast that it can beat a man who's pointing a gun at you. No other ccw draw can be that fast (and fumble-free).
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